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Thank you for your response. Как настроить прокси в Тор браузере. Смотрите также:. Install Flash player by clicking that alert. Как пользоваться Tor Browser. Tiago, you should know by now that there is literally no valid reason to use plugins in Tor.

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На ноутбуке резко пропал доступ к вебу, пишет про предел, можно кто сталкивался подскажите как поправить 1 ставка. Фавориты категории Лена-пена Искусственный Интеллект. Искусственный Интеллект. Nine Искусственный Интеллект. Не работает браузер TOR Тема Русакевич Ученик , закрыт 3 года назад Я, вроде, все настроил, но при входе в него пишет: The proxy server is refusing connections Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.

Наилучший ответ. Марат Сисенов Знаток 4 года назад В правом верхнем углу будет клавиша меню, нажми на неё. Опосля этого нажми клавишу Add-ons. Позже нажми все клавиши enable, которые видишь, и перезапусти Tor browser. Опосля этого всё обязано начать работать. Какие кнопочки?! Ни один мост не проходит. To remove the read-only attribute from the folder go to your World of Warcraft installation folder but do not enter it Right-click on it instead and choose properties Under properties uncheck the read-only box and confirm.

Run World of Warcraft. Solution Error Causes The most common causes of the Stop 0x error are: Hardware malfunctioning Overheating of the components Installation of a faulty device driver Incompatible DLL files Corrupt Registry Spyware and Virus Infection Whatever the cause may be, the Stop 0x error message is alarming and should be fixed at the earliest as it indicates major system stability problems that can often lead to data loss and system corruption.

Here are some the easy DIY solutions to fix the Stop 0x error: Sometimes this error may occur due to a temporary issue like overheating of the computer components. If you wish to continue where you have left off when you signed out of Windows follow this guide and learn how to continue your work after signing in, restart apps in your Windows. You can set Windows 10 to Automatically save your restartable apps when you sign out and restart them after you sign in.

In the past, CDs, DVDs, and floppy drivers used to be the primary sources of external storage for many users — that is until the USB storage devices took over. These days, a lot of devices no longer have a built-in CD or DVD writer or reader as it contributes to the thickness of the device. On the other hand, there are still various devices that still come with a built-in CD or DVD writer or reader. The cause of this issue is still unknown at the time of writing, but there are still some potential fixes you can try to fix it.

You can try to update or roll back the device drivers or apply some tweaks in the Registry Editor. For more details, refer to the given options below. Option 1 — Try to update or rollback device drivers The first thing you can try to fix the missing CD or DVD icon is to either update or roll back the device drivers. It is most likely that after you updated your Windows computer that your driver also needs a refresh.

On the other hand, if you have just updated your device drivers then you need to roll back the drivers to their previous versions. Whichever applies to you, refer to the steps below. Then locate the device drivers and right-click on them to open the Properties. From there, look for the following drivers: ATA Channel 0. ATA Channel 1. Now, right-click on each one of the listed drivers and update them all. You could also try to roll them back to their previous versions.

So if you have an SSD, the issue might be due to an old storage driver. Now restart your computer and see if it fixes the problem. You can try adding a new entry. Click OK and restart your computer to apply the changes made successfully. Bad router placement Having a router in a bad position can have some really large effects on WI-Fi signal strength and its availability.

Fish Tanks Water will block all radio waves including Wi-FI signals and waves themselves, so having a router next to the aquarium or any large source of water is a bad idea. Bookshelves Paper is another story and example of the dampening effect on radio waves. Mirrors The problem with mirrors is in their coating that goes over the glass in order to turn it into the mirror, that coating is metal and as such, it is absorbing signals in large amounts.

TV Yup, TV is also on this list and for a similar reason as a mirror, although TV does not have coatings of metal, they have something even worse: a large metal plating on the back. Things that influence signals in homes Any kind of metal decoration Now when we covered mirrors and TV because of the metal they have, we must take a look at the metal itself.

Kitchen appliances and Home utilities Kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, stoves, etc. Home gyms This is a logical conclusion as to everything explained so far if you have a workout room or small gym at home it is probably filled with weights that are metal and have mirrors inside, all of that will interfere and block signals.

Things blocking your Wi-Fi that you have no easy control over Walls Thick walls will dampen signals, thick walls from bricks will dampen even more and concrete walls will kill it almost completely. Floors and ceiling This is somewhat important if you have a floor beneath or under the room where is your router located, but for the same reason how walls are blocking your signal floor and ceiling can do it as well, especially since most of the time they are made of some stronger material like concrete with metal fence inside.

Heating systems If you have a heating system that is composed of metal radiators with water inside, then in terms of Wi-Fi signal strength you have an aquarium but in a metal box, and as such it will greatly reduce signal strength. BigTech platforms Google and Facebook were hit with a series of antitrust lawsuits by the US federal government and states on charges they are operating monopolies and abusing their power.

Below is the status of the cases, as well as government probes of Apple and Amazon in their current states Two lawsuits against Facebook In a defeat, Judge James Boasberg said the Federal Trade Commission, which had sued Facebook in December asking that Facebook be forced to sell WhatsApp and Instagram, failed to show that Facebook had monopoly power in the social-networking market, among other problems. However, the FTC could file a new complaint by July They are looking at their options.

A trial date was set for September 12, A lawsuit by 38 US states and territories accuses Google of abusing its market power to try to make its search engine as dominant inside cars, TVs, and speakers as it is in phones. This was consolidated with the federal lawsuit for purposes of discovery. Texas, backed by other states, filed a separate lawsuit against Google, accusing it of breaking antitrust law in how it runs its online advertising business.

Dozens of state attorneys general sued Google on July 7, alleging that it bought off competitors and used restrictive contracts to unlawfully maintain a monopoly for its app store on Android phones. Apple says it seeks to have only the highest-quality apps in the app store. Justice Department probing Facebook and Amazon In July , the Justice Department said it was expanding its Big Tech probes to include "search, social media, and some retail services online", an apparent reference to Facebook and Amazon.

Federal Trade Commission on Amazon In its investigation of Amazon, the FTC is likely looking at the inherent conflict of interest of Amazon competing with small sellers on its marketplace platform, including allegations that it used information from sellers on its platform to decide what products it would introduce. Error Code 0xC, 0x Code 0xC — 0x is an error that occurs when you attempt to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10, but the minimum requirements have not been met by your computer.

You will therefore be unable to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 until your computer is updated or upgraded to meet those requirements. Common symptoms include: When attempting to upgrade a dialog box with Code 0xC — 0x Code 0xC — 0x is displayed. Your computer is unable to begin the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade process. Solution Error Causes Error Code 0xC — 0x Code 0xC — 0x occurs when you are unable to begin the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade because your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to run Microsoft Windows You are unable to begin the upgrade because your computer does not meet the required system or hardware specifications.

You are not running the correct version of Microsoft Windows to be able to begin the upgrade. Error Code 0xC — 0x Code 0xC — 0x as stated, simply means your computer does not meet the requirements to update and does not indicate a permanent problem or inability to continue to use your computer. This error only means that you will not be able to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 until your computer is made to meet these requirements.

Further Information and Manual Repair There are several solutions that the user can complete at home that should fix the problem resulting in a manifestation of Error Code 0xC — 0x Code 0xC — 0x Below are several options that should resolve this error. Method 1: Verify what version of Microsoft Windows you are currently running, older, outdated, or no longer supported versions of Microsoft Windows are not able to upgrade to Microsoft Windows If you are not running one of the following versions you will have to update before being able to upgrade.

To check your system specifications do the following. Click on the start button in the bottom left corner, then locate the control panel on the menu, click on it to open. Once it opens, locate system and security on the menu and click to open, click on system and this will show you your amount of RAM and processor speed.

Find device manager on the left-hand side click this then select display adapter, and it will show you your current video card. Click on the start button again, then click on the computer in the menu, this will show you your hard drive size, and available space. If you have the option available you can simply run the get Microsoft Windows 10 app to check compatibility.

Once you have your system specs make sure they meet or exceed the following. If you do not possess the technical expertise required to accomplish this yourself or do not feel comfortable doing so, download and install a powerful automated tool to get the job done.

Method 3: Your computer might not meet the aforementioned requirements to make an upgrade because of insufficient hard drive space or resources. Learn how to create or make space on your computer here. Method 4: Many people hold on to and use the same computer for a very long time. It is possible that your computer cannot be upgraded to meet the requirements, or that the cost to do so would be so high that a new computer would be cheaper. If that is the case, your only option may be to replace your computer.

Error - What is it? Error is an error code that sometimes may occur while you are using Internet Explorer on your Windows PC. This is because this error code can be triggered by multiple reasons such as: Third-party confliction or due to an incorrect HTTP 1. And if not fixed on the time it can lead to system failure too. To repair the error , identifying the cause for the error really helps. By identifying the cause, you can easily select the most suitable solution to fix it.

Let us walk you through the solutions to fix error timely: Cause : Third-party conflicts or due to an incorrect HTTP 1. And because of that, Windows is not running your desired program. To solve this error simply log on to Windows as an administrator. Then run local computer policy snap-in. Open it and click on the computer configuration. Here you will see the Windows settings option. Click on it and then open security settings, local policies, and click on properties.

Now in the add users section select the user which you want to add to the policy and save by pressing OK. If this is the cause for the error pop, the error will not occur. If it still occurs then this means there is some other underlying cause for the error. Read on to find out. Cause : Improper Program Installation Solution: Error may also occur due to improper program installation. The best way to resolve it is to uninstall recently installed programs.

This key inside the registry database allows Windows to control the various access options that you have. However, due to wrong settings, it denies access and shows error when you open Internet Explorer. To alter registry key settings can be tricky and complex if you are not a computer programmer.

In such as scenario it is advisable to download Restoro. This is a user-friendly and multi-functional repair tool embedded with a powerful register cleaner. In addition to this, it also functions as anti-virus and a system optimizer. Restoro Solution Restoro is simple and easy to use. Its smooth navigation makes it easy for users to scan and repair errors like due to registry misconfiguration in seconds. It will do it automatically.

Furthermore, if Error is triggered by a corrupted registry database, you can run it to repair this issue too. It cleans and wipes out all the unnecessary and obsolete files that could be corrupting your registry.

This includes junk files, internet history, and invalid registry entries. It clears up your hard disk space and repairs your corrupted registry. It has a value-adding backup feature that enables you to create a backup of your files for data safety and recovery in case of loss during repair.

Restoro is compatible with all Windows versions. Starting with Restoro Here are 3 simple steps to get started: Click here to download Restoro. Once the installation is complete, run it to scan for errors After scanning the errors, simply click repair to resolve the issues including the error code Along with fixing error code triggered by registry damage, it also repairs all other PC-related issues. It helps maintain a stable and error-free system for the longest time.

Disclaimer: ErrorTools. The information on this page is provided for information purposes only.

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I faced this problem in my windows. I figured the issue could be similar with my tor browser aswell. The tor browser application is in a new folder in Desktop. Recently I move everything from my desktop to another new folder in my desktop. Started having this issue. I moved the files back to how it was and then tor started working. Hope this helps if anyone else is facing this issue on a windows.

I had the same issue and then I realized that I ignored the initial pop-up when starting Tor that suggests to move the downloaded. Just a note to myself, because the. Sign up to join this community. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Teams. The proxy server is refusing connections Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. Modified 3 years, 7 months ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question. Catherine Catherine 91 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges.

Closing Tor Browser, installing the browser in Applications, and restarting Tor Browser running from Applications fixed this error for me. See here tor project bug report : trac. Reinstalling worked for me. Idk what to do. Ежели ничего из перечисленного выше не посодействовало, то можно испытать поискать на компе вирусы.

Нередко они могут так влиять на работоспособность веб-обозревателя. С задачей управится хоть какой антивирус из тех, что имеются в том числе и бесплатный. Также высока возможность того, что неувязка возникла из-за ошибочных записей в реестре. Необходимо просканировать его и почистить. Вручную этого делать не рекомендуется. Можно повесить систему. Перейти к содержанию. Search for:. Основная » Браузеры » Tor. Добавить комментарий Отменить ответ. Для вас также может приглянуться. Tor browser для iOS.

Как воспользоваться Tor Browser. Tor Browser для Windows Phone.